“I would like to make a comparison: in my village there’s a painter called Federico Moroni. He’s very talented, and he is also an extraordinary teacher. One day, he asked his pupils to hold an iron ball in their left hand and then he gave them a pencil in their right hand and told them to draw a circle. The children drew the circle. But it wasn’t a flat circle, it was a circle that already had a volume: it contained the weight of that ball in their left hand. Now, I would like to put in his (Tarkovskij’s) left hand as many images of Italy as possible, so that even if tomorrow he photographs a lawn, or something anonymous, it will still contain those beauties.”

Abstract of Voyage in Time, 1983

Tonino Guerra on Andrej Tarkovskij

The Up-and-Coming Style Manifesto:
The Autonomy of Form
by Andrea Quarantotto and Elisabetta Porcinai

We have chosen Tonino Guerra’s words as perfect example of our message: extreme, yet an extremely coherent synthesis of our editorial project. We want Up-and-Coming Style to play the role of that iron ball the Italian poet and screenwriter describes in his tale. We want it to enshrine the volumes and the beauty of the Contemporary within its pages. Images are words and, as such, they are composed of the relationship between the signifier and what is signified. The signifier being everything concerning the figurative concreteness of an object (and thus shapes, colors, lines that constitute its matter); the signified results from the system of interpretations that are associated with such appearance: its relevance thus derives from a matrix which is not only representative but also cultural. Up-and-Coming Style aims at spreading an heterogeneous visual language, emancipated, free from pre-determined meanings: a language which is capable of celebrating the substance of every artistic subject in the form of the utmost sublimation of art and communication. Only by enhancing the beauty of form in its purity, an image will succeed in remaining still in time, independently from the contaminations of the context it was created within, free from the bonds and constrictions of meaning. Only by doing this, can an image be devoted to its true vocation: to emanate and evoke a reaction in the viewer, without it being necessary to specify or delimitate the object of such emanation. This is why we can state that, content becomes marginal: Up-and-Coming Style does not impose fashions, does not create mounds of propositions but it is rather a mirror to reflect art. It is a vase containing various spontaneous and revealing meta-figurative expressions of art. We wish to celebrate raw beauty and what seems unimportant and banal. No one really needs Reality to be represented, as reality in itself is not realistic.

What is represented could be fiction as well as truth. We will surely not worry about a photograph being presumedly moral or not. Given that all the collected artworks unmistakably differ one from the other, it is also true that what distinguishes art, as such, is its continuity – its extended and uninterrupted surface… like different galaxies found in the same material universe, thus images must reach that balance that transcends and unifies them by means of one common denominator: form. Form is indeed where the artistic essence lies: in its matter, consistency, concreteness, in the superficiality of the subject represented, as well as in the representational modes themselves. In order to be contemporary, every work of art must have its own autonomy, it must be able to preserve a formal value independently from its context. It must be able to recognize and celebrate what makes it irreducible. It must be exposed to the risk of being re-interpreted, re-proposed, modified, even defrauded of its meaning. Conditioned over time, by the variability of references and perspectives, form appears to be the only thing an artwork will ever be able to maintain. Being aware of this, defending substantiality, the thingness of objects means being able to, as Kandinsky would say, “make the soul vibrate”.

The words hereby written, inspire us with the strength to make a promise rather than a statement. This is our Manifesto; this is Up-and-Coming Style. Our objective is for art to be profoundly lived, believed in, shared and contemplated… To be absolutely real in its abstractness, sincere in its fiction, celebrated, shaped, embraced: as an instrument, as a potential force. Art, the unique and unlimited treasure belonging to humanity and its existence.